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Traffic Laws in Georgia

Traffic law violations are the most common criminal offenses in Georgia. That's right, a traffic offense is a crime. Most are misdemeanors. Speeding is an example of a misdemeanor traffic charge.

Others can be the basis for a felony. For example, if a death results from a traffic accident, if the surviving driver is found to be DUI, he could also be charged with a felony Homicide by Vehicle.

Still others can be felonies all by themselves. For example, if you have attained the status of being an Habitual Violator and if you are caught driving a motor vehicle (or even operating one - there is a difference), you are guilty of violating the Georgia Driver's License Act and could get up to 5 years in prison.

There are too many traffic laws to cover on this website. Therefore, I will cover the most common traffic cases we see. Rest assured that if you are charged with any other traffic offense, we have handled that too.

Navigate the following links to find your information. If you've been charged with DUI in Georgia, I strongly suggest you go to now.


Driving Under the Influence


Points System


Teenage Driving


Other Offenses

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