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You Can Lose Georgia and Federal Scholarships for a Drug Conviction

State Scholarships
The State of Georgia has several financial aid programs including Georgia's Hope Scholarship. If you are convicted of a felony drug offense, you will lose your scholarship for the school term in which the conviction occurred as well as the following term. No early reinstatement is allowed, and First Offender treatment will not save your scholarship.

OCGA § 20-3-519.1

Federal Scholarships
If you are convicted of ANY drug offense, including a State misdemeanor marijuana charge, you will lose your scholarship for a minimum period of one year, and could lose it indefinitely. Early reinstatement is possible if certain criteria are satisfied.


One Final Thing - You Can Be Suspended From Any University System of Georgia School Just For Being Charged With Certain Crimes

"A student in any institution of the University System of Georgia who is charged with or indicted for a felony or crime involving moral turpitude, may be suspended pending the disposition of the criminal charges against him."

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