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What About Roadblocks?

Roadblocks are interesting events. Officers are allowed to establish certain types of roadblocks. For example, the police can set up a roadblock to check for driver's licenses. If they have properly trained personnel, they can make DUI arrests when appropriate. 

However, certain procedures must be in place in order for a road-block to be proper. It must be initiated by a supervisor, all vehicles must be stopped, delay must be minimal, it must be well identified as a police checkpoint, and the screening officer's training and experience must be sufficient to qualify him to determine who gets tested for DUI.

One last thing. A roadblock cannot be set up as a general dragnet to catch all sorts of criminal behavior. Both the United States Supreme Court and the Georgia Appellate Courts agree on that.

If you are stopped at a roadblock, produce your driver's license and proof of insurance. Never take any field sobriety tests and never give permission for the police to search you car or your person.

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