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 “The judge of any court of inquiry may by written order establish a schedule of bails . . . .” This means that if a schedule of bails is established, someone charged with committing any offense on the schedule may post bail without having to appear before a judge. An example of an offense that requires an appearance before a judge in order for bail to be set, is an instance of family violence involving serious injury to the victim.

Furthermore, if a law enforcement officer makes an arrest for family violence in Georgia without an arrest warrant, the accused will have to appear before a judge to have bail bond set. Since many acts of family violence occur on Friday night, and since most judges are unavailable until the following Monday, the accused has the whole weekend to reflect on his misbehavior.

Violations of O.C.G.A. § 40-6-393 (Homicide by Vehicle) shall be set by a judge and not a schedule of bails.

OCGA § 17-6-1

See felony and misdemeanor in general.

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